Peter and the Little Boy Eater

Every couple years I dust this story off and see if there’s anything I can do with it.  I wrote Peter and the Little Boy Eater for a correspondence class I was taking (Children’s something or other) way back in ’98 or so.  It’s gone through several iterations, including an almost complete rewrite after I lost the revision I was happy with.

But every time I sent it to an agent or a publisher, I always got a rejection.  I never got a specific reason why, but it never went anywhere.  Yesterday, while out with my ladies, we stopped at Barnes and Noble.  We were in the children’s section and I was walking around with my daughter when I spotted the book, I Need My Monster. My wife and I both read it and the first thing that popped into my head was, ‘Hey, this might not be a bad place to submit my children’s story to’. 

After getting home, I opened it, read it over a little, got on’s website and looked over a few of their titles.  Even though Monster seemed in the same vein, I wasn’t sure about mine because it’s a rhyming children’s story.  But what do you know, they have a book titled, That Cat Can’t Stay and it’s told in rhyme!  So I’ve already sent this off as of Sunday night and hopefully I’ll hear something positive in the next couple weeks.


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