#TheWalkingDead The Weak Shall Inherit #lonewolf

“You will be torn apart by bullets or teeth.”
Now if you don’t see the huge parallels between Rick and Morgan, then you’re not paying attention. Two fathers, two husbands, two men who should have kept their families safe, both failed or failing.
Morgan is Rick (he’s also the Governor, but more on that in a moment) which means he wears the weight of responsibility for the people around him. I imagine Rick would have been very much the same way had he lost Lori and Carl. He’s halfway to being like Morgan having only lost his wife. And it’s all so important to remember what Morgan said when he saw Rick’s face. You’re wearing a dead man’s face. That’s just another way of saying he’s seeing a ghost. Just like Rick currently is.

I have to amend my predictions a little here. Now that we know the shooter is Morgan, don’t expect they’re partying ways with tonight’s episode to be the last we see of him. Morgan is going to be the person who saves Rick. When he said that Rick would die, that the good guys die and the bad guys die, but weak people like him survive, that’s a bit of foreshadowing. Expect Morgan to play a part in the resolution of this season. With Morgans ability to make traps and his plethora of weapons, Rick’s group is going to be pinned down and just wanted looks like they are on the verge of being overwhelmed, Morgan will arrive.

He will save Rick from death and trade places with him. Morgan will either kill the Governor directly or setup the circumstance which results in his death.
The real question is, who will the Governor take with him?


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