Zombie Curb Job #TheWalkingDead

That’s the most significant thing that actually happened. Rick’s group is still sweaty and hungry-looking, the Governor’s folk are clean and (relatively) happy. Oh, who will Andrea choose? Tonight’s episode just ratchets up the tension for what’s coming. I don’t know yet if any of my predictions need to be revised. Merle is kind of in the group, despite being locked away in a cell and Rick has temporarily put away the crazy. I have nothing to say about this journey with Rick, Carl, and Michonne. But this sniper character could add a new wrinkle. Was he with the Woodbury group or gas he had run-ins with them? As anyone could have predicted, Andrea chose relative safety over what she knew was right. Look for her to double-down on that bad decision after the two groups come to blows again.


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