#TheWalkingDead – Parallels

I love parallels in literature and movies. A few are starting to emerge in the second half of season 3. You may have read my thoughts on what it’s going to take to bring Rick out of his funk and that prediction seems to be coming true.
But in the first half of this season, Rick seemed to have a breakdown of sorts after Lori died. Well, apparently that breakdown is being experienced on the installment plan.
My prediction? Merle is going to save Rick. I don’t know if this will mean he survives or not, but Merle will be the 1 to bring Rick back from the brink.
Here’s the parallel: Rick tried to save Merle from the rooftop, but was too late. Right now, that means nothing to Merle even though his brother has already explained that to him, but somewhere in these remaining few episodes, Merle will see who Rick really is. And he will finally think beyond himself. The group coming together to save Rick and Sunday night’s episode doesn’t count.
Rick will be trapped somewhere and the group will have to unify and respond. Merle will have the option of going in 1 of 2 directions. 1, and I believe this is the path he will take, will leave him to Rick where he will save him. Just as Rick attempted to save Merle.
But you also have the parallels between the Governor and Rick. Both have lost someone dear to them recently, although the governor’s daughter was technically already dead. Both are wearing their wounds outwardly. The Governor’s eye and Rick’s grief. Both are not being very effective leaders right now, although the Governor led a pretty good assault on the prison.
Obviously, the 2 men are on a collision course of some kind. It may not be resolved by season’s end with the death of 1 or the other. But look for the 2 men to become even more similar before they return to being their own men.

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