Alphasmart Alpha Smart 2000 Word #Processing #amwriting

I wrote this about my Neo wordprocessor when I got it back in 2010.  (Sorry if it reads too much like a commercial.)

I can already see how this is benefitting my writing and I just got it a week ago.

My Neo is just as portable as any notebook and I write a whole lot faster with it. I can skip around to different files as I see fit and it has a spell checker too. It has no internet, no email, no instant messaging.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Finally, my distractions (mostly) have been eliminated. Before when I wrote on my laptop it was too easy to pop over and see if I’d gotten a message and before I knew it I’d spent all my time not writing.

It’s convenient everywhere! In my car, on the couch, in the cafeteria. I’m so glad I chanced across this and I can’t say enough about it.


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