A Giant #Scam all #Authors Should Avoid

I wrote a children’s story about 12 years ago that has yet to see the light of day. It’s odd and I imagine, something all the publishers who received it didn’t know what to do with and so I’ve just shelved it. I break it out from time-to-time to shop it around and today I found an ad on Craig’s List that is just full of scam and I wonder how many authors have actually fallen for it. The two important factors to pick up on are the cost to author (y’know, the creative talent without whom the book would never have existed) and the percentage they pay in royalties. If I submitted Peter and the Little Boy Eater to these guys it could cost me as much as $6,000 for my efforts but I could get in return as low as 3% in royalties even though I’m at least 50% responsible for my book coming to life in bookstores. Does this sound anything like common sense to anybody? My first novel, The Ghost Toucher, was published by a small publisher who never asked me for dime one. All he asked was that I start a blog and establish a presence in social media. I bought a few copies to give out to family, but he even sold those to me at cost. Who are these guys and where do they get off?

Let me repeat for anyone who hasn’t read one of my prior posts on these Craig’s List rip-offs, NEVER pay a publisher or agent to read your work. Publishers should not be asking you for a financial commitment, they should be giving you one. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. And don’t pay a service to publish your work on Amazon for you. It’s so easy to do you’ll kick yourself if you pay and find out later.

But let me break down what they’re doing. They need a ‘select’ number of children’s book authors (ten according to the post). The word ‘select’ is used to give you that extra bit of stroke when (not if, but when) your manuscript is chosen. And it’s not going to be just ten. It’ll probably be many more times that number. In fact, it’ll probably be more difficult to not be amongst the chosen. This extra push probably helps them to acquire even more manuscripts than they would have otherwise. But they are inundated with authors who want them to publish their work–who are they, exactly? Notice how there is no mention of their company at all. Do you think Penguin would do that? And not to say there aren’t legit publishing opportunities on CL, but if you were really in demand to that degree, why bother advertising on this site? And think about the conflicting statement. They are ‘inundated’ on the one hand, but on the other, they have ’10’ spots available. That’s like saying your restaurant is all sold out of hamburgers, but they have ten ‘exclusive’ patties for the right customers.


Select Children’s Book Authors Needed (NY/LA)

Select Children’s Book Authors Needed
New York Based Children’s Book Publishing Company highly established and successful (both in content and sales) in search of a select number of children’s books and authors to add to its 2014/2015 Publishing Plan. Parent has three seperate imprints appealing to: 0-5 years /3-8 years and an LGBT family theme focus for 0-10 years. This is a full publishing company, however authors must be willing to offset some costs associated with production and most importantly Public Relations. Author’s financial commitment usually ranges from $1000-$6000– depending on title. Only 10 new projects will be accepted. To be seriously considered you must agree to work with Publisher to promote your work both with your time and your minimal financial commitment. We are inundated with authors who want us to publish their work– so please do not waste our time or yours if this is not something that fits your needs. Quality, the ability to sell your title to stores/book clubs and projects that fit our publishing plan our number one concerns.
Please submit your work, an email with why you think we might be a good fit for you (other experiences you have had in the past tying to sell your work to a bookstore or a publisher–if any) and the best way to contact you.
We receive thousands of submission–so please do not be offended if your work is not something we are interested in.
Best of luck in getting your book on bookstore shelves everywhere!

  • Location: NY/LA

  • Compensation: Publishling Company-3% to 8% of Sales

  • This is a contract job.

  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.

  • Please, no phone calls about this job!

  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.


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