#Review of Draculas by @joekonrath @amazonkindle

DRACULAS (A Novel of Terror)

This was my second official e-book.  The first was another offering by Blake Crouch and Jeff Strand.  I forget the title offhand, but nevermind that now (it’s included with Draculas anyway).  Draculas is a rollercoaster.  It’ll take you up, it’ll take you down.  It’ll drink your blood (though I’m not sure if rollercoasters do that- been a while since I’ve been on one).  You’re going to love Randall Bolton and Clay Theel, the heroes (at least in my mind) of this story and how they don’t let things like thinking get in the way of getting the job done.  Yes, this will make you laugh, but it’ll have you afraid to put your Kindle down (or whatever your choice of e-reader; I printed mine out, but I’m special like that). 

 Mortimer Moorecook, whose surname name I’m certain is a misspelled double-entendre, is the blame for the slaughterhouse that becomes Blessed Crucifixion Hospital, but you’ll hardly have the time to blame him.  Draculas will be flying at you left and right with scythe-like teeth set to rip you to shreds.

 As a writer, I have got to admit I would love to be a part of this franchise (surely you couldn’t think by the end of this story that is the end) as this is one of the most original vampire stories I’ve read in a long time and since reading Interview with the Vampire and I’ve read exactly 3 novels in that genre.  So I’ve got my VampCred, in case that was in question. 

 Crouch, Strand, Wilson and the other guy won’t disappoint (I looked it up; Kilborn).  I’m only sure that Crouch wrote the first section, but each author hands off the story into very capable hands as there is no lag in the fear or action.  You’ll find yourself rooting for the good and poopooing evil.  Pick up–click a copy as soon as it is available.  It’ll be the best $2.99 you’ve spent this side of a Big Mac and it won’t raise your cholesterol nearly as much.


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