#NOVEL #EDITING (can be done through online)

It’s been a while since I wrote on this topic.  I found this ad on Craig’s List and I honestly think the author of this ad doesn’t realize what he/she is asking.  I think this is someone who legitimately is looking for editing on the cheap and unknowingly is asking for someone to sign off on their dreams for nothing.  Read on:

Ive recently written a novel and I’m only on my first draft and I need some help with editing and I’m looking for people who will want to edit at least a chapter or more whatever you/they have time with.

This will be something great you can add to your resume and great exposure if this gets successful!

Please email me and let me know if you are interested

‘if this gets successful!’  Isn’t that really key here?  There are so many ‘ifs’ that it’s baffling anyone would consider responding to this ad at all.  If the novel is a success.  If this is a legit opportunity.  If the poster doesn’t rip the responder off in the off chance the novel actually makes money.  So many ‘ifs’.  In all I’ve learned in the relatively short amount of time I’ve been editing professionally, I would prefer to have my money definite and up front.  I don’t want to worry about what steps the author is taking to publicize a novel and how many copies have to move before he/she considers the book to have achieved the floaty goal of ‘success’.  Hey, I would be ecstatic if I moved 100,000 copies of Fleshbags, but would they want to sell 1,000,000 copies before they paid 1/3 of one percent or however much they’re going to cut me in on (if that even happens)?  And am I just trusting their count?  Would I be provided information verified from an independent source that they had indeed sold only as many copies as they were telling me?

There are just too many variables, too many things that could go wrong for anyone looking to make actual money to invest their time and talents in ‘if this gets successful!’.  Posts like these that don’t have a dollar amount attached and truly guarantee nothing aren’t worth the time of anyone- not even anyone doing this as a hobby.



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