Wednesday’s Writer’s Tip On heroes and heroines #amwriting

I found this blog post so good, I just had to steal it.  I was over at the Eclectic Writer and this just helped unstymie me in the midst of drafting Heartbreak Hotel.  Read on and enjoy…

Still finding gems to help a story grab reader’s attentions and make for a good story using How To Write Mysteries by Shannon OCork. This time there’s something she said about heroes and heroines that struck home and something every writer should know.

Give your focus character problems and keep them in trouble. Why? This keeps a reader turning the pages. Make these problems small ones that can be solved but then have the solution lead to another problem. There are two areas where this can occur. There are the outside areas and the inside the character problems. I never realized I’ve used this method until I read this book. How does this work in genres other than mysteries.


Read the rest of this great blog post here.



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