I think I Know How Dexter Will End

I have to revise my presumption of the series finale of Dexter in light of the closing events of the season 7 finale.  I think after listening to Darkly Dreaming Dexter is how I came to the conclusion LaGuerta would die.  And I also think how she died was intentionally copied from the book.  I wish I was more familiar with the books, but I still hold by my original theory there is going to be a killer very similar to Dexter who will bring unwanted attention to him.

I’m not sure if Dex’s girlfriend is going to play a part next season.  Lumen never came back.  But there is definitely going to be a rift between Deb and Dexter and the only way to ‘mend’ it will be for him to die.

Everything is going to appear to be falling apart for the both of them.  They won’t be as close to each other as they have been and there will be palpable awkwardness between them.  Batista will not retire.  He will seek out Maria’s killer, making it his mission to bring this person to justice.  With every suspect who comes into view for the department, Debra’s guilt will ratchet up.  Oh, and combine that with the fact she will be the acting Captain, taking the place of the woman she killed.

Dexter will be building.  He will want to kill, but more than ever, he will not want to kill.  He will throw himself into his job, making sure he puts together murder scenes as effectively as possible to create lock-tight cases.  But a suspect will fall through the cracks and Dexter will give in and stalk the murderer only to find him after he has already been killed in a manner very similar to how Dexter kills.

There is a purpose to this killer other than the obvious.  This new killer will at first be labeled a copycat, but Dexter will see him as an escape; a person his murders can be pinned on.  Except, LaGuerta accusing Dexter of being the Bay Harbor Butcher will point Batista in his direction, tightening the noose with each of the copycat’s kills.

The only way out will be for Dexter to find the evidence that will lead to the real killer’s capture, leaving it for Debra to find after he has become the killer’s last victim.  Except the new butcher won’t be his killer.  It will happen in a place exactly like where Dexter was reborn, where Debra was remade and where they both of them will complete their circles as he leaves her no choice but to kill him.


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One thought on “I think I Know How Dexter Will End”

  1. I wish I liked Jeff Lindsay’s writing enough to continue past Dexter is Delicious. I just cannot warm up to his style. I love the way the story goes in the show, whoever took creative control of the plot-line did it beautifully. I’m so happy that they didn’t follow Doaks’s story, and that they kept Maria for as long as they did. I’m also a fan of how they rolled with Batista and Vince.
    The only great thing in the books over the show, is the story line following Brian and the kids – especially Cody.
    I’m going to feel so lost when the series ends!

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