Darkly Dreaming Dexter – Review

Darkly Dreaming Dexter


I just finished listening to this on audio.  I actually saw this book in store when it initially came out but ignored it because there was simply a ton of other stuff I wanted to read.  I’ve since gone on to enjoy the Showtime series and I finally came back around to this gem.

For the most part, what’s on the show is what’s in the book.  I’ll try to be as spoiler free-friendly as possible, but Laguerta isn’t anything like the Lieutenant on the show.  She’s a political animal with very little by the way of detective smarts.  Dexter describes her as patient; able to outwait anyone in her path to get what she needs.  Deb is described as a much more attractive woman than she is on the show and there is no love-interest angle with the Ice Truck Killer (called the Tamiami Butcher).  The book moves much too fast for anyone to have a side story like that.

Well, that isn’t true, exactly.  Dexter and Rita are pretty much exactly how they were on the show except events took place between them that were stretched across the first two seasons of the show.

But the story involves Dexter being tremendously introspective despite him saying over and over again how he isn’t human and is devoid of emotion.  Which is just like a boxer shaking his head after being unexpectedly gut-punched to indicate he isn’t hurt even though just about everyone who saw it is ready to sympathetically vomit and roll around in agony.  He does feel… he just doesn’t know how to process and interpret his feelings.

Nowhere is that more apparent than when Dex meets the Butcher.  For those of you completely unfamiliar with the show or the books, I won’t give away who this person is, but it’s someoen significant.  And Dex turns into a fountain of emotions in this pivotal scene.

Lindsay’s style is very easy on the ears and I found myself changing discs pretty fast.  I made excuses to go back to my car to listen a little more.  I just ordered the next book from the library and am excited to pick it up.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for my opinion on what happens on the season finale.  And you can read how I think the series will wrap up too.


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