The Walking Dead – The Meaning of Rick’s ‘Journey’

Upon first viewing, the events following Rick snapping don’t make sense. But this was one of those occasions when the writers are allowed to be a little ‘artsy’.
Lori has been a sore spot for Rick and the fans of The Walking Dead all season long since the events of the last few episodes of season 2. With Shane sacrificing himself for the good of the group, he insured its immediate survival by forging Rick into the leader he needed to be. But Shane’s death was also punishment for the betrayal of his best friend by sleeping with his wife.
It was nothing but odd that Lori and Shane started an affair a few weeks after they thought Rick had died. Maybe even while they thought he was only in a coma.
So with Shane dead, Lori’s punishment had to be coming. Rick finally got angry, but he turned completely cold to her. With factors stacking up against her by being pregnant and having only a cesarean as an option to give birth, there was little chance of her survival from a fan’s perspective.
So after the moment came, Rick lost his mind, apparently. But this is actually the writers’ method of forgiving her and giving birth to the anger he never voiced to Lori.
Rick hacks his way through zombies until he finds the room where she died. Noe the first thing you should ask is, how would he know that was her blood? There’s no body.
Because the writers guided him there.
And why is there no body at all? When T-dog was eaten by several zombies, there was still a significant amount of carcass left. But apparently, one zombie was able to eat her entire body.
And what does that zombie look like, sitting on the floor, filled with Lori-meat? A pregnant woman.
Except that’s a boy-zombie.
But this is intentional too. That zombie represents Rick and his bloated belly represents- well, it represents that it’s bloated with Lori, but also that it is pregnant with the anger that Rick could never express to Lori and how he spent the last few months of her life not showing her how much he still cared for her.
Remember, at the start of his journey, he knew she was dead. When he leaned over that zombie and put the gun in its mouth, he knew he wasn’t rescuing her, and when he stabbed it, he had no intention of recuperating her remains.
This was also Rick giving birth to his grief.
Every emotion he denied himself broke through the dam of flesh between him and his dead wife.
Expect Rick to claim her child and defend it with the vigorous authority he’s been exhibiting as of late. I see him holding the baby in one arm and shooting someone in the face with the other hand at some point this season.


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