The Best Night of the Year

Available now from Razorline Press!

The weird kid joins in on the trick-or-treating fun and two cops get some goodies of their own.

The Best Night of the Year


Two police officers make a routine yearly stop and get a treat that will last them the rest of their lives. A man trying to bond with his stepson while trick-or-treating welcomes a lone child to join them. But some costumes are better disguises than others.


“Well if it isn’t Superjack,” he began, looking at Andy. It was hard to listen to him speak with his poorly fitting dentures clicking around in his mouth. I chewed on my upper lip as a distraction. “And you are?” he asked the kid.

“I’m a freak!” the kid said in that too excited voice.

“Oh, really? But what is your name?”

“Just give him the damn candy,” I mumbled to myself.

“Oh, I don’t have a name. They didn’t give me one.”

I silently wished he’d make one up.

“Sorry, little boy,” The old man put a couple handfuls of candy into Andy’s bag. “No name, no candy.”

“Oh.” The way he said it made me want to kick Rockford in the balls. “I’m sorry.”

The way the kid just stood there looked funny. His body language didn’t match his voice. He should have been stooped over or something. He should have been hanging his head or something.

Later Sledge, I thought, turning away when he looked up at me like I was responsible for the kid’s costume. I was steamed The Scrounger had gypped the kid, I grabbed Andy’s shoulder and let him pass.

“Hey, give him a couple pieces.” Andy opened his mouth to complain but kept silent when I raised my eyebrows at him.

But Cash McCall had gotten me to thinking—who was he with?

“Hey kid,” I scratched my neck, nervous about talking to strange children. Even if you were the Mahatma it looks kind of creepy for a grown man to be speaking to a child he doesn’t know. “Where’s your momma?”

He turned his whole body to face me.

“Momma didn’t bring me. I came by myself. It’s the only day I get to come outside and I can stay out aaaaaaaaaaaall night as long as I want. It’s the best night of the whole year!”

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