New Bio

I just updated my bio on my Amazon page:

I’ve always been into horror. When I was in kindergarten my mother took me right from school to see Creepshow. I saw a ton of stuff I shouldn’t have when I was a kid.

I got a book of ghost stories when I was 11 for Christmas. These were the days before YA novels, unless you picked up one of those namby-pamby VC Andrews books. Okay, scratch that; I’ve never actually read a VC Andrews book, they could be thoroughly excellent for all I know.

But the more I read and the older I got the more I wanted to write my own tales. I tried my hand at writing comic book stories with my best friend in high school, but we had no clue how to break into comics. I submitted my first story to Cemetery Dance back in 2000. It took somewhere around 7 months for them to finally reject me. I was so proud.

My first novel, “The Ghost Toucher”, was published in 2010. It was born out of several failed novel-writing attempts when it finally clicked for me. I’ve since put out a couple short collections of my own and a few zombie shorts, including my novella, “Fleshbags”.

My newest project, “The Zombie Show” was released June of this year. I’m currently working on my first vampire story and any number of other tales.


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