Re: Ghost writer (Manhattan, NYC)

I found this response to an ad on Craig’s List and I couldn’t agree more.  There are legit opportunities on CL, but it’s people like this who make everything look suspect.

  • Wait a minute, this person wants a book turned into a screenplay, two drafts, and is only willing to pay $500 for it, payable after the drafts are completed. Says that there are big name actors attached to the project, but can’t afford to pay a writer more than $500. Something is not right here.

Indie film producer seeks an experienced and creative ghost writer for a feature screenplay. Writer must be familiar with New York and Los Angeles and must be skilled to write a biopic.

This is a book to script.

A trailer of the film is being completed and there are major name actors participating in this project. This is a SAG project and a great opportunity for a writer.

Please send a full resume, including education, experience, and any credits and/or awards. We will only respond to emails which include information requested ~

Please do not send emails pursuant to any other subject matters. We only request your resume and a brief bio. Please describe your writing style and provide samples of your work in the genre.

Seeking a writer to write a draft and one re-write.


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