Repairman Jack on Audio


I don’t have the time I used to to read. So I’ve been gobbling up all the books I could get on audio. I just listened to the last 2 Dark Tower books and a bunch of shorts of King’s. I also listened to Neal Stephenson’s Reamde (excellent) and a bunch of other novels. But I just checked to see if my library has any FPW on audio, specifically Repairman Jack. Nada. So I figured I could request my library to order it. I hopped on Amazon and looked up the only RJ book I haven’t read, (that’s currently sitting in a box since I moved) The Dark at the End, and guess what? Not available on audio. So my question to you, Dr. Wilson is, whaddupwitdat?


Brilliance Audio has made an offer on adapting all the RJ books not already audio, starting with COLD CITY in the fall. I accepted.


Any idea when they’ll start cranking out or who the voice talent will be?


The contract is under review at my agent’s – there’s always details to be ironed out.


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