Psycho Prequel


I’m wondering about this. I just read the news on Yahoo’s site that A&E is doing a prequel to Psycho, starring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland’s Freddie Highmore as a young Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga as his mother. I’m not opposed to a prequel for the reason you might think. I actually like prequels, particularly when they are well done. I liked Prometheus, even though each time I think about it, I like it a little less—more on that later.

My problem with the prequel is that it was already done and actually utilized the original Bates—Anthony Perkins. I think the Psycho series is probably one of the best series of horror films you can find. II was arguably every bit as good as the first. I don’t really remember III except that Jeff Fahey and Dennis Hopper were in it and that I liked it, but IV, I remember pretty well.

Up until now, I assumed the four movies were canon.

But with this new prequel, there will have to be differences from the storyline of IV, which was half prequel, half Norman trying to reconcile the demons of his past after finding out his wife was pregnant. IV explained perfectly the inappropriate relationship he had with his mother and why it was he was pushed to the point of murder. Now with a ‘reimagining’ things have to be changed for the sake of avoiding the disaster that was the 1998 Gust Van Sant remake. But will those variations complete rape the storyline that ended twenty-two years ago?

Even Rob Zombie’s Halloween had its problems. Sure, it was great to have an explanation as to why Michael Myers was a mindless killer. If you insist. I personally prefer the mystery, the ‘killer for absolutely no good reason at all’ of it. Zombie’s reimagining kind of took a dump on the reason Halloween was such an awesome flick.

But there may be hope. A&E is traditionally known for reality shows like Storage Wars, Intervention, and Biography. But with promising new shows like Longmire and Coma, they may be ready to stretch their wings and compete with other networks that are putting out quality programming, like AMC’s Breaking Bad, or HBO’s Everything They Put Out.

I admit to worry, but I’m hopeful that this is more of a flag being raised rather than a pooch being screwed.


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