New Dethm8 Later

As you may well have noticed, there was no new Dethm8 last Friday.  I have a good reason.  Really.  I moved last Friday into a house.  We still have a lot of boxes to unpack, but I’m hoping to get the Dethm8 train up and rarin’.  After Gladys’ foray into her own head, we have Arlene taking a trip to the inside (but not her own mind) and enlisting an ally.  I promise, the story isn’t going to be resolved on the astral plane, but I’m going for something here.  The next installment will start to see some of this stuff pay off.  I mean, I’ve only killed like two people so far!  And by my count, there’s somewhere around thirty in the restaurant.  Expect to learn more about the monster outside and why she can’t get in.  Yes, the monster’s a girl and there’ll be a reason for it at the end.

And one other thing in case it’s popped into anyone’s head: they’re not already dead and The Spoon isn’t purgatory.  But everything is not as it seems.  I mean, somebody could be dead and is just walking and talking like it’s no big deal.

As usual, click on the ‘Dethm8… So Far’ link to catch up-  And check out The Zombie Show on sale right now!


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