30 Minute Plan

I’ve been thinking about this short of mine more and more lately. While pleased with it, it definitely has its problems as have been pointed out by a reviewer or two. But it has also received (largely) positive reviews, including one or two who think it would do well as a full-length novel.

And I’m starting to ponder if I should do just that. After I’d written and published it, a few ideas about how I could have better fleshed out this world came to me. Potential conflicts, greater reasoning why the change in the zombies’ behavior, and perhaps giving more of a face to the ‘brains’.

I could run wild developing Danton’s back story and maybe I could have the focus shift to a few of the characters instead of solely on him. I think there’s a novella’s worth of material on him being in prison alone.

But I couldn’t possibly write this, could I? I mean, I’m done with that story, right? Well, maybe not. It’s kind of sort of a cliffhanger ending and maybe there’s a story after the end of 30 Minute Plan worth exploring.

I’ll have to sit down and think about this.


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