August 2012 Newsletter


My latest novella, The Zombie Show, was released on 6/20/2012. So far, the reviews I’ve been seeing have been pretty good. It’s now available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, iTunes, the Sony store, and just about everywhere else. You can even get a print version on CreateSpace that includes Fleshbags. So it’s two books together! I’m also doing a promotion with The Zombie Times

An undercover agent hellbent on bringing a drug cartel enforcer to justice by any means infiltrates a group of college kids out to have a good time across the Mexican border. But the enforcer has plans to disappear forever before he can be taken alive, putting together a big show that will culminate with a big ending. But as the agent closes in, one of the zombies in the enforcer’s stable half-devises his own plan for revenge. When things finally explode, not even the dead may survive.


Look for How to Get Your Self-Published Novel in the Library in the near future and I’m hoping to have Brain Juice out in time for Christmas.

I’m still working on that stuff, but writing is fluid and you have to go where the muse takes you. I currently have a short story on my website titled Do Not See Me. I’m cobbling ideas together, but I may be making that my next novel. Check it out, it’s free.


Nowhere so far. But I’m going to attempt to put together a class at a library on how to self publish electronically.

The ball is slowly rolling on this. I’ve contacted one library and I’m waiting to hear if they’ll accept my suggestion. More on that as soon as it’s available.


Project Nim

Just saw this docu Sunday and Monday night. In the 1970s a scientist took a baby chimp and placed him in a home to be raised like he was human. They teach him sign language to see if he can eventually make coherent sentences. But Nim’s story goes much deeper than that as he is transferred from home to home. Very touching, highly recommended.


Slay Me

Tales from an Apartment


UK Booklist




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