Every Day Horror- Follow-up

Okay, so it’s not quite working out the way I’d planned.  That’s fine, I suppose.  I’ve been pretty busy wrapping up an editing project.  But I do have my composition notebook and I have my second short story idea and I may even have a tie-in to it for a new novel.  I have to flesh everything out to see if it’ll work.  But I suspect later on today I’ll have this editing thing wrapped and I can jump on Bugs.  Once that’s through, I’ll circulate it to some reviewers and get to work on my cover.

I have two pretty good ideas for covers, but I’m having difficulty finding the artwork for it.  I may have to dig really deep and create something.  I haven’t drawn in a loooooong time, but if I have to, I have to.  The one idea is simple enough, but the other requires getting many different pictures of insects (considering the bugs in my story don’t exist, I won’t be able to find pics of them).

Hey, as an aside, if you’d like to get a review copy, drop me an email at razorlinepress@att.net.  I’m always looking for new reviewers.


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