Congratulations from Necon E-Books!

Well, shut my mouth! I just got this from Necon e-Books. I’m not sure exactly what I won, but being American, that’s really all that matters.

Dear Gerald,It is my pleasure to inform you that your story, “Debit,” has been named a winner of the Necon E-Books July Flash Fiction Contest.  Your piece will be published on our web site at later today, and will also be included in our end of the year Flash Fiction Anthology.Also on the site, you can find the guidelines for our August contest; naturally, we hope you’ll consider submitting again.As always Gerald, our sincerest thanks for your continued support, interest, and involvement with our company.  We greatly appreciate you sharing your talent with us, and we look forward to reading more of your work in the future.Very best regards,
– Matt Bechtel
Production Manager, Necon E-Books

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