Publishing on Kindle

Go to Amazon:

Scroll down and click on Independently Publish with Us

On the left hand side, under ‘Self-Publish with Us’, click on ‘Kindle Books’. At the next screen, you’ll click ‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up’ if you don’t have an account. Enter all the yackity-smackity they ask you for if you’re creating a new account.

Next, click on ‘Add New Title’. You’ll see a blue box titled ‘Introducing KDP Select’. That’s a promo program Kindle has where you can offer your book for free for up to five days in a 3-month period. I won’t go into detail here or advise whether or not you should use it; for now skip it. Scroll down to ‘1. Enter Your Book Details’ and begin to enter the information requested. Skip the ‘this book is part of a series’ and edition number stuff unless you have more than one edition of your book or it really is part of a series. Under ‘Description’ write the jacket information describing your book. That’s what people will see when they look up your book and land on its Amazon page. ‘Book Contributors’ pertains to the author, editor, cover artist, and anyone else you need to give credit to for the creation of your book. Language, publication date, and publisher are all obvious, but ISBN is a little tricky. It isn’t necessary for you to have one for an eBook. As a matter of fact, if you go out and get one, Kindle still will not use it on your book’s page. So if you’re publishing on Kindle only, don’t bother getting an ISBN.

‘2. Verify Your Publishing Rights’ you want the second option. ‘3. Target Your Book to Customers’ is where you’ll put descriptors in to help people who read your genre find your book.

Being a horror author I would put my book in the fiction category and there’s a horror sub-category. You’re allowed 2 categories so pick whichever other one also applies. After that, type in up to seven words you would most closely associate with your work under ‘Search keywords (up to 7, optional): (What’s this?)’.

Now you’re almost ready for kung fu. Under ‘4. Upload Your Book Cover’ click on ‘Browse for image’ where you’ll select the .JPG you’ve made or purchased for your cover. It’ll take a moment to load and then you’ll be ready for step ‘5. Upload Your Book File’. I recommend enabling digital rights management, but that’s up to you.

Click ‘continue’ and on the next page, you’re ready for pricing. I know what works for me so far as how to price an eBook, but that’s up to each author to determine what their work is work. If you’re the author and you hold all rights to your work, select ‘Worldwide rights’ under ‘7. Verify Your Publishing Territories’. So far as ‘8. Choose Your Royalty’, that’s going to be determined by how much you charge for your book. Anything between $2.99 and $9.99 qualifies for a 70% royalty, anything falling outside of that gets half the royalty amount at 35%. Finish off by checking off all the other regions so the price updates automatically.

I like to make my books lendable, but again, that’s up to each individual. Select as appropriate under ‘9. Kindle Book Lending’ and click the last box before clicking the ‘Save and Publish’ button. In a few short hours, you’ll be published!

You might want to follow up with making a visit to Author Central to set up your author’s account where you can have your tweets and blog entries feed into as well as setting up your books to show on your page, but you are essentially done!

Search keywords are search terms that cause your book to appear in search results. You can enter up to seven descriptive keywords, separated by commas, to help readers find your book when they search the Kindle store.

Precise search keywords help target your book to readers looking for that content. For example, if your book is a history of the discovery of DNA, your search keywords could be as follows: DNA, history of DNA.


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