Dark Tower – Error

I’m listening to the last Dark Tower book and just caught a minor mistake. When Roland and Eddie catch up with Flaherty and the gang, Roland shoots Flaherty twice before Eddie mows down the next six. Then Roland shoots down the next five.
Now you’re probably thinking, ‘Well, he just reloaded and King just didn’t write it. Author’s license, I tell you, old boy’. First, don’t call me boy and second, WRONG! Just before Roland killed Flaherty, Eddie shot someone who tried to run and reloaded in the period Roland took to take buss two caps. Why would he write about one reloading and skip the other?
And there simply was no time for Roland to reload. All of Flaherty’s ka-tet got their caps peeled before they could draw their weapons.
Unless all along, Roland has had a six shooter and a seven shooter. Then, uh, nevermind.


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