Review of Anthony Harrington’s “Frayed”

To say Frayed is a fantastic piece of fiction is to sell the story short. I absolutely loved it. Great character development and a storyline with twists all over the place. I must have suspected the main character of being the killer a half a dozen times all the way up to the last thirty pages of the book!

But Frayed does suffer from poor editing. I seriously, seriously hope the author comes back to this or hires and editor to do some clean-up because the typos are going to definitely knock some people out of the story. There are more than a few, but the story was so good I got accustomed to them after a while. Are you reading this, Mr. Harrington? fix this awesome book!

The author handles the scientry in this book with ease and without being overly heavy-handed in explanation. He makes me believe there’s a grain of truth in the stuff I know nothing about. Then he pulls back before I feel like I’ve been whacked over the head with a caduceus.

I’ve really only read one or two other authors who write in this genre and The Broken Hearts Club is absolutely one of my favorite books of any genre. Frayed easily competes with anything Ethan Black has written and I’ll definitely be buying his next book.

Fleshbags – Out Now on Amazon, B & N, and Smashwords


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