Hello and welcome new visitors.  My name is Gerald Dean Rice.  I’m an author, editor, publisher, book and movie lover, and proprietor.  This website is all about everything Razorline Press.

After my first novel was published in 2010, I decided to become my own publisher.  It’s been a love-at-first-site experience and I’m learning more every day.  I started small, publishing a short called 30 Minute Plan (free on Kindle) and moved up to a novella last year, Fleshbags.

But this website is the first real voice of Razorline.  Here you’ll be able to read about anything done, upcoming, or current.  Like my new novella, The Zombie Show, published last month for Kindle, Lulu, Smashwords, and Nook.  You can also catch up on the story Dethm8, with a new installment 8:30 PM EST every Friday.  It’s only 4 installments in so far, so it should be pretty easy to catch up.  By August I’ll be reviewing books and movies on video and vlogging whatever else comes to mind.

I hope you find something of interest on my site.  At least check out 30 Minute Plan andDethm8. If you like what you read, peruse the other titles and pick one.  I’m doing a giveaway on my site for people who’ve signed up for my newsletter (DM on Twitter or PM me on Facebook for details).


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