Chronicle – Review

I loved the simple aspect of this story. A loner and two other guys discover a meteor that imbues them with superhuman powers. It covers all the aspects of the emergence of a person with sudden power. Learning how to use the power, keeping it hidden from people who wouldn’t understand, having fun with said power. I found the dialogue and interplay between the characters entertaining. When Andrew, who’s decided to chronicle every moment of his life with his camera after being abused by his father yet again, he acts out of character and not only goes to a party with his cousin, but trusts the popular kid enough to go into a cave with the two of them. They are quickly overcome after coming in contact with a glowing meteor with something living inside it. After they recover, they’ve already realized they have powers. I like this skip. They’re having fun with their power and over the course of the next 20 minutes, we find them exploring what they can do. Things really pick up once Steve figures out how to fly. But while their bond is strengthened during this period, we also learn more about Andrew’s home life and why he’s so cut off from people. His mother is dying from the worst case of asthma EVER and his father is highly stressed in caring for her. I really liked how his father wasn’t just some angry guy who beat up on his son for the hell of it. His father was beyond stressed and just didn’t know how to relieve that pressure. But here’s where there’s a kink. There is only one scene where we truly see Andrew interact with his mother. I imagine he loved her and she loved him, but it’s the same as a movie where there’s a man and a woman and suddenly their kissing. There’s no build-up to show how mother and son cared for each other, although the father’s anger and how he expressed it was bordering on heavy-handed. So when a pivotal moment occurs at a party and Andrew explodes with anger, I get why he was so detached, but when Andrew’s mother (SPOILER ALERT) dies and then the movie completely spirals out of control, I understand why, but I don’t think the story comes to that point honestly. But the ending goes way beyond anything that could keep me rooted in the story. All I wanted was for Andrew to die. And when that happens, I find myself not really caring about anyone else left in the movie. The ending squeezed out any emotion I could have had for anyone. But for the first 2/3rds of the movie, it still gets 3 stars.


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